History of "School for Managers"

Perfection and Commitment to Excellence:

The design, materials, and program have been redeveloped every few years to create one of the best management development programs available anywhere.

We also are perfectionists! For example our School for Managers 6 hour Audio Program has been re-recorded several times to keep the material fresh and include new content as needed.

We Created An Industry Standard:

As word spread, several public seminar companies approached us to help them develop parallel programs that could be taught nationwide by 100’s of trainers. For example: The American Management Association had us work with them to develop “Improving Skills for The New and Prospective Supervisor.” A similar course for “Managing Technology Personnel” and even a Manufacturing version.

We Retain the Best for Our Clients:

As a small organization, only a few facilitators that have been trained by it’s founder and CEO to facilitate this program. In keeping with its current design, we have retained the best materials, best design, best leaning model, and simply the best for our clients.

SBANE is Only One Example:

Our longest running public presentation (since 1982) has been primarily with SBANE (The Smaller Business Association of New England). We have been the sole provider of management development in this format for its membership companies.

This program’s popularity and demand (1990’s – 2001) by the members drove the association to offer it 6 times per year. It was offered 4 times in Massachusetts, 1 time in Rhode Island and 1 time in New Hampshire. This success pushed the development and delivery of The Advanced School for Managers that was subsequently offered to those having completed the School for Managers and those more experienced managers.

It’s popularity and success has created a sub-culture in that when organizations have a new or prospective manager, they send them to these programs to sharpen their skills and challenge their views as to best practices.

To see a pictorial snapshot of The School for Managers offered by (SBANE) The Smaller Business Association of New England look below.